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ESPORTS and casino traffic

Why Join Us ?

What you get:

Up to 40 %
rev share
+ custom CPA & hybrid
no negative

Commission structure

how much can you earn:


rev share


rev share


rev share


rev share


rev share

What your players get:

34+ esports
odds titles
sports odds
online casino
live games & slots
crypto betting


you ask - we answer

Simply put, it’s a partnership. In this case, it’s between you and us. You refer visitors from your awesome website to ours – – and for that, we PAY YOU every month a percentage of the profits we make from those players. You make money, we make money – it’s a WIN-WIN.
It’s the same like the affiliate program, with the only exception that you refer affiliates, not players. When you become a affiliate, this allows you to earn more commissions by recruiting affiliates to our website.
Well, besides that you’ll make loads of money, it’s also 100% FREE and you monetize your top-notch website(s) with minimum effort.

Also, your payment is absolutely certain. We use NetRefer – the world’s best affiliate platform. It prevents any manipulations of stats or players whatsoever.

It’s easy for you. You’re granted access to our cool and knowledgeable affiliate managers who provide you with personalized support 24/7. And you have numerous tailor-made marketing assets, resources, and tools at your disposal. They help you constantly increase your conversions, thereby maximizing your earnings.
You only need to have an audience, customers, subscribers, website visitors, or other ways to promote or refer users to That’s it!
It’s super simple – just click here to go to the registration form, fill everything out, and we’ll be in touch once we review your application.As soon as your site is validated, log in to, pick several banners, add them to your website, and start getting money immediately!
No, but you can register multiple websites. See next question.
Absolutely! The more, the merrier! We provide you with simple tools to track multiple websites under one single account. Also, you can create different affiliate tracking links for every website, so you can track player registrations, number of clicks, and earnings from each site individually. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize your profits.
No, but we accept most. The only exceptions are websites that advertise or contain child porn, weapons, or illegal substances. Read more in our terms and conditions.
This means that every player you send to us through your affiliate link(s) must be over 18 years of age. Additionally, they should comply with’s player terms and conditions.
No, it’s 100% FREE. Plus, you’ll have all the materials and support you need to get a head start!
Read our complete terms and conditions.
Simple – because NetRefer is the world’s leading affiliate platform, and more importantly, because it doesn’t allow you to manipulate the stats or remove strong players.
If you have at least five (5) active players, you don’t have to worry about your balance. However, if your active players are fewer than five (5), we have the right to carry over the negative balance.
You’ll be entitled to receive a commission, in the case of a Net Revenue share model, for each New Customer for a lifetime value from the date of his/her registration. In case you fail to bring any new players in a period of six (6) months, will deem the players you have generated up to this point eligible for generating a commission for another two (2) years. If you start bringing players again, you’ll be eligible for receiving a lifetime revenue only for them. In other words, your lifetime income depends on you.
Here’s how – a player you send signs up, deposits, and starts betting at Your commission is the net earnings from each of the players you brought. offers you one of the most generous commission structures in the digital world. You’ll receive anywhere between 20% and 40% revenue share, depending on how many active players you refer every month to No hidden fees and an extremely easy sign-up process.

Also, we can strike а deal that’s different from rev share (CPA or hybrid) – upon request and depending on the circumstances. transfers your affiliate commission to your registered payment method within 10-15 calendar days of every month, without delay.
Your commission gets transferred once a month.

If you’re not VAT-registered, your commissions are processed automatically through the Technical Platform, without the need for you to raise an invoice.

The minimum withdrawable amount to your account is €50 (or equivalent). If your commission is lower than this amount, it’s transferred to the next month’s payout and onwards until the minimum amount is achieved.
You can choose a variety of payment options which basically depend on your country of registration. Some of them will require a min deposit so that the method is verified. The deposit you made can be afterwards withdrawn with the rest of the balance.
Here’s the simple math: Your monthly commission is the commission %, multiplied by the total net income made by all players you’ve referred to

The net income is the total gaming losses made by all players you’ve referred, minus the direct costs related to those players, including bonuses, chargebacks, loyalty rewards, and payment fees.
This is the best news – there’s no limitation on the amount of money you can make with us! The more you earn, the more we earn – it’s a win-win!
Your statistics are updated every 24 hours! provides with you all the information you need in regards to your commission. Just log in to your Affiliate account, and click on “Earnings” from the menu on the left. You can be 100% sure everything is transparent because NetRefer doesn’t allow any manipulations and doesn’t have ANY hidden fees.
We use NetRefer. We want you to benefit from detailed stats, various creative materials, and a smooth user experience as a whole.

Well, NetRefer gives you all of the above and more. Try it and see for yourself.
Just log in to your account, and click on “Media Gallery” to check the range of banners and size you can use on your site. Also, you have the option to create your personal tracking text links.

Now, you only have to copy the unique link and paste it into your website code. After that, the banners and/or text links will be visible on your website. Super simple, right?
The banners and text links you place on your website from are embedded with your own tracking code (ID). When you refer players, who click on those visuals to visit for the first time, a cookie captures your unique tracking ID and stores it on their computer when they register.

Further activities by the player will be registered and assigned to this specific player throughout their lifetime. You’ll receive all net income this player generates on
It’s up to you – there are no limitations.
No worries – we’re here to assist you. Whether you have further questions, need help, or have any comments or suggestions in regards to’s affiliate program, just drop us a line at: [email protected]
No worries. It happens to us, too.
Just click here.
Of course. Feel free to pitch us your idea. We embrace exclusive promotions that can be mutually beneficial. Get in touch with us at: [email protected].

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